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矢印左 矢印右

Prepare for Yesterday
“ House keep out "
(Ongoing Presents)
Koganecho Bazaar, Kanagawa, JAPAN
The exhibition in a ruined building after the exposure in Kogane-cho where sex-related business used to be taken place. My concern is the well-camouflaged interior (the shop was officially-opened as a Japanese restaurant but actually was a sex trade shop) and the traces of its existence which can’t be hidden. I add a false story that it used to be a soba restaurant to the camouflaged interior like a Japanese style restaurant. As it is easy to know the traces of the false are not true, the interior decoration products are made of the cheap materials such as cardboards, paper, and styrofoam and I put them in the ruined building. If the history is shaped not depending on the fact but depending on people, what people talk about, and their situations, I, on purpose, make up the history after transmitted by word of mouth before letting people talk about. I figure out the relationship between recognition misunderstanding of the history and the history in the story by twisting it.

Prepare for yesterday02
Remains of ruined building, framed five photos, cardboard, paper, watercolor, cotton, sand, styrofoam, wood-patterned sticker sheet, newspaper, etc.
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