Visible Planet
矢印左 矢印右
Maybe It’s Time We Need IDOL
“11th Art Program Ome 2013” Ome, Tokyo, JAPAN
In collaboration with Atsushi Yamamoto
Music: Kohei Iga
Video with sound 27min 45sec
This video work is a collaboration with Atsushi Yamamoto, a video artist. There are a lot of lyrics about love, encouragement, and hope sung by Japanese idols. The intention is to capture the moment when their words together with their dances are more than the real meaning of the words in the reality. Yamamoto and I got touch in a Japanese idol who gained a popularity on the internet. She was famous in a category of Odottemita (tried to dance) in the Nico Nico Doga, a Japanese video sharing site. She uploaded some cover dance videos in which she danced to music on the street in front of passengers. Her dance was very different from other dancers’, attractive and unrealistic. Our plan was to make music video of her but we had no choice to change our plan and made a documentary video after all. We made an original pop song and asked her to create original dance to the song. She was going to dance to the song on the street in front of passengers and dance without music. We were going to shoot both of her dancing and also record only any sounds around her such as tapping shose, noise, and her breath. However, for some reasons, we ended up losing touch with her before our shooting was finished. After much thinking, we decided that we ourselves tried to dance to the song in a way we wanted her to dance. The details of this event was shot like a documentary.

Maybe It’s Time We Need IDOL
Video stills↓