矢印左 矢印右
Shibata and Yamamoto’s First February
"Ongoing JACK"
Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo, JAPAN
In collaboration with
Atsushi Yamamoto
Sound installation
My first sound installation work, a collaboration with Atsushi Yamamoto, a video artist. The dark exhibition space is filled with fog with a fog machine. The fog blurs a faint glow of an incandescent light. It makes it difficult for viewers to perceive the space. In the space, several original radio dramas are loudly played simultaneously so that the viewers are confused about what and where they are doing now. Each of the radio dramas has different scenes, characters, and stories. It almost feels like the viewers eavesdrop and peek at other people’s life. This installation itself seemingly indicates the way our world may exist. Different events take place simultaneously. Unless we pay attention to them, we cannot even notice one of them. A temporary recording booth in the cafe, on the first floor of the gallery, is installed. For a weekend event, original scripts Yamamoto and I had written was recorded together with the visitors there.

Installation views↓
Public Secret Live Recording Studio